Hi there! Im Nerine a traveling photographer based in Nelspruit

I LOVE what I do!

I do a wide range of work but my niche is…

Wedding Photography

… the of course I cover an array of Lifestyle photography genres; Birth, Newborns , Maternity, Family and Events ( Matric Farewells, Birthdays and Corporate Events)

I am up for any challenge! Contact me if you have something special in mind.

ask me about coming to your home town…

I love create images that radiate passion, heart, soul, love and beauty; hoping that can will be displayed, so that it may inspire and awaken those very things in all those who see it.


Who am i?

I am a simple loving person. Life has taught me to always love and laugh especially with your loved ones! I try to live every day with a consciousness of my days being numbered. I do my best to remain humble and grateful, to see the beauty in everything, to appreciate and preserve life. I strive to forgive easily and have grace for others, to open my heart and home to one and all and not to conform to the ways and values of this world but to live an authentic and Godly life.

I love knowing that the images I capture help you create a legacy for now and for future generations; these moments will form part of your life’s jig saw puzzle – moments of love, joy, success and achievements, celebrations, functions and even farewells. Photos allow you to treasure all of the above and share it with others too.